IPJC Women’s Spirituality

The mission of the Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center Women’s Convocations was to celebrate the transforming presence of the Spirit moving in our world, our church, and our cosmos. As faith-filled women, we joined together for prayer, ritual, and story; education and empowerment; and celebration and transformation. Affirmed in our spirituality, we act for justice in our church and the Earth community.


Women’s Convocation II: Tending the Sacred Fire April 27-28, 2001 Keynote Speakers: Marie Chin, RSM, Diana Hayes, PHD, and Edwina Gateley

Women’s Convocation III: Uprising of Hope April 22-23, 2005 Keynote Speakers: Edwina Gateley, Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, and Bernice Johnson Reagon Annotated bibliography of the speakers for the Women’s Convocation III

Women’s Convocation IV: Dawning of a New Story May 1-2, 2009 Keynote Speakers: Riane Eisler, Dr. Ivone Gebara, Cokie Roberts, and Margaret J. Wheatley Annotated bibliography of the speakers for the Women’s Convocation IV

Women’s Convocation V: Grace on the Margins April 12-13, 2013 This Convocation premiered the musical, Grace on the Margins! To order a copy of the Grace on the Margins DVD or music CD call 206-223-1138. Keynote Speakers: Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Valarie Kaur, and Helen Prejean, CSJ Annotated bibliography of the speakers for the Women’s Convocation V Grace On the Margins Musical

CDs, Videos and Cassettes of select Convocation speakers are available to rent at no charge from IPJC. Please call us at 206-223-1138 for more information.


Women’s Experience and Voice Expressed in Ritual and Story Beginning in 1994, thousands of women throughout the Northwest gathered in small groups to express their spirituality: to pray, share stories of faith and honor their experience as women. These gatherings have formed a tapestry of grace we call WEAVERS. Our tapestry has been created by women from many strands of our Catholic tradition. At each WEAVERS gathering women have recalled the stories of our faith ancestors, spent time in prayer, and shared symbols that express our common faith experience. The fabric of each event has been enriched by the threads of each woman’s gifts and participation. The rituals used in these WEAVERS gatherings have been compiled in two ritual books and a music tape or CD. Both are available for purchase. If you would like assistance in organizing a small group for prayer and ritual, email IPJC or 206-223-1138.