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A Matter of Spirit

Spring 2006

Theme: Engaging Impasse

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AMOS Spring 2006: Engaging Impasse

Resources on Engaging Impasse

The Culture of Conversation

Engaging Impasse: Circles of Contemplation

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation

Pioneers of Change

Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership


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Resources and Processes for Dialogue

Civic Reflection
Join with others involved in common civic work to read, think and talk with each other about life in community and the fundamental human activities that nourish that life: giving, serving, associating and leading.

Appreciative Inquiry
Inquiry that leads us to conversations about the good, the better and the possible.

World Café or Café Conversations
Opportunity to foster collaborative dialogue. Enables people to create shared meaning, strengthen community and ignite innovative thinking.

Open Space
A self-organizing process to promote creativity and leadership. Leadership is shared and responsibility lies with the people who surface topics for an open space discussion.

Compassionate Listening
A process of “listening our way to wholeness.” It is a tool for reconciliation and conflict resolution. Inquiry is based on understanding and empathy, enabling the speaker to deepen his/her experience.

Wisdom Council
Members are randomly selected to form a Wisdom Council from within a community or organization. The council meets to address key issues of the community and to work to develop unamimous statements. The Council is a choice-creating, democratic process.