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End Human TraffickingState Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation

The movement to end human trafficking is blooming; this year is the first that all 50 states have anti-trafficking legislation. In the last year, 39 State legislatures passed laws to strengthen their response to trafficking. Thus far in 2013, 524 bills have been introduced in 47 states.

Key laws that have already been passed to protect victims and help stop the demand for human trafficking include:

North Carolina Act to Create a Safe Harbor for Victims of Human Trafficking and for Prostituted Minors (Enrolled Oct 1, 2013)

Iowa Human Trafficking Law (Signed by Governor April 4, 2012)

IPJC Staff testified in support of the following bills at the Washington State Legislature:

Washington Advertising of Minors Law (Signed by Governor March 29, 2012)

Washington Increase Penalties for Prostitution (Signed by Governor March 29, 2012)

Washington First Time Offender Education for Buyers (Signed by Governor March 29, 2012)

Washington Sexually Explicit Acts (Signed by Governor March 29, 2012)

Track anti-trafficking legislation in your state on the Polaris Project website.

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