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The Women's Justice Circle Process Justice Circles

Arrow Women’s Justice Circles partner low-income women with women collaborators from parishes, health care, educational settings and other community groups for the purpose of empowering low-income women to take action on an issue important to them and their families.

Arrow Each Circle meets for 8 weeks once a week for two hours, during which the low-income women and their women collaborators progress from community building and naming the issues to developing communication and leadership skills and planning a course of action.

Arrow Each gathering includes the following: ritual and song, reflection and sharing, and basic grassroots organizing skill-building.

Arrow There is no fee to participate; the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC) provides all the materials, training, support, and childcare if needed.

Radio Interview

Lupita Zamora, Multicultural Radio presenter, interviewed Giselle Cárcamo and Nieves Casqui, WJC participant from Peru, for her weekly program Conexión Contigo (Connection with You).

Circle 1: Creating Community for Change
Get acquainted, name women’s justice issues.
Circle 2: In the Company of Powerful Women
Build relationships, claim our power.
Circle 3: Building Blocks and Stumbling Blocks
Explore diversity, choose a justice issue.
Circle 4: Collaborative Power
Learn techniques for collaboration, choose an action for justice through a consensus-building process.
Circle 5: Leadership in the Team
Learn about leadership skills/styles in the group, plan strategies for action.
Circle 6: Working like a River
Organize and rehearse for the action, share personal and group goals.
Circle 7: Stand Up, Sisters
Take action! Talk to a legislator, write letters, organize an event.
Circle 8: Celebration!
Celebrate the work, look at ways to use women’s organizing energy.