Advent Reflection Series

Join us for our IPJC Advent Reflection Series! Every week during the season of advent, members of our staff and community partners will walk with you through a reflection on a themes of advent: hope, peace, love and joy in relationship to the theme of our work at IPJC – justice. This reflection occurs live every Monday at 12pm PDT on our Instagram (@ipjcseattle).

Week Four: Joy

Samantha Yanity evaluates Mary’s sacred ‘yes’ to God highlighted in Luke 1:39-45 and challenges each of us to explore how our own sacred yes to God could birth justice into the world. Click here for the video link.

Below are some reflection questions:

We have been so grateful to hear how the reflection questions have impacted your daily journaling and prayer life throughout this season. To help you finish out the season, here are Samantha’s reflection questions:

  • Reflecting on Luke 1:39-45, what words or phrases am I drawn to?
  • How can I bring the virtues of advent: hope, love, peace and joy into my life and daily encounters?
  • Like Mary and Elizabeth, where might God be calling me to bring new life into my work, school, family, relationships, etc.?
  • Like the women in the passage, where in my life are the stakes really high? How do I see God using these ‘high’ stakes situations to be transformative and life-giving?
Week Three: Love

Isai Hernandez shares his reflection on Luke 3:10-18, inviting us all to consider how our everyday actions can contribute to the realization of a more loving and just world. Click here for the video link.

Below are some reflection questions:

  • What should ‘I’ do?
  • What is my reaction to John’s instructions?
  • How can I incorporate love into my everyday actions?
  • What does my lifestyle now say about how I love?


Week Two: Peace

Sarah Pericich-Lopez reflects on Luke 3:1-6, encouraging us all to reflect on speaking and acting justly as a means to becoming agents for peace in the world. Click here for the video link.

For those interested in using Sarah’s reflection questions for journaling or contemplative prayer they are listed here:

  • Who needs me to use my voice to bring awareness of injustice?
  • How can I speak justice into the world?
  • How often are we complacent in the face of injustice?
  • What parts of myself that contribute to injustice do I need to become aware of?
  • How do I desire to act to promote peace and justice in the world?


Week One: Hope

Will Rutt shares his thoughts on the Sunday Gospel reading Luke 21:25-28, 34-36, hope and God’s promise for justice.  Click here for the video link.

For those that are journaling or participating in contemplative prayer this advent season, here are some reflection questions:

  • Do I believe in the power of the Spirit?
  • Do I believe in God’s promise of salvation?
  • Do I believe in God’s promise of justice?