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Juneteenth: Commemorating the End of Slavery

Today we observe Juneteenth, an annual holiday that marks the date in 1865 that slavery ended in Texas nearly three years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.
On this Juneteenth may each of us, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., commit “to speed up that day when all God’s children…will be able to join hands and sing…’Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.’”

Resources for Racial Justice

The Assumptions of White Privilege and What We Can Do About It
by Bryan N. Massingale, National Catholic Reporter, June 1, 2020

Bryan calls us to:

  1. Understand the difference between being comfortable and being threatened. The only reason for racism’s persistence is that white people continue to benefit from it.
  2. Sit in the discomfort this hard truth brings.
  3. Admit your ignorance and do something about it. 
  4. Have the courage to confront your family and friends.
  5. Be “unconditionally pro-life.” 
  6. Pray
White-Fragility-Robin DiAngelo Book Cover

White Privilege

YouTube conversation with Dr. Robin DiAngelo, moderated by Dr. Marcus Campbell

open wide our hearts—the enduring call to love

Open Wide Our Hearts—the enduring call to love

IPJC’s four-session process on the USCCB Pastoral on Racism is designed to enable faith communities to understand individual and systemic racism; to listen to the stories of our brothers and sisters and be moved to restore right relationships; to unpack white privilege; and to work to end racism.
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Ring the Bells on Monday for DACA!

Tucson Sept. 5, 2017, Christopher Conover, AZPM

Immigration advocates, ring bells everywhere at 12 noon in your time zone on Monday to celebrate the win for DREAMers in the Supreme Court decision of June 18!

The Supreme Court victory is a temporary solution, and the Administration could still attempt to end DACA.

Take Action: Urge your Senators to co-sponsor and support S. 874, the DREAM Act, which would protect Dreamers and provide a path to U.S. citizenship.

Tucson Sept. 5, 2017, Christopher Conover, AZPM