Executive Director Job Discription
Spring 2020

Position Title:   Executive Director
Reports to:  Board of Directors through liaison of Board Chairperson and Board Executive Committee
Status: Salary, Full Time, Exempt


The executive director is responsible for leading the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC) in fulfilling its mission and for the oversight of all its operations. Rooted in the Catholic faith tradition, the vision of IPJC is of a world that recognizes and respects the dignity of all persons and all creation.  The mission of the IPJC is to act for justice in the church and world. In response to the vision and support of twenty-two religious communities the Executive Director collaborates with Catholic, ecumenical, interfaith and social justice organizations in carrying out this mission. 

The Executive Director of IPJC works collaboratively with sponsor communities, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders to further education, training, and advocacy enabling the vision of IPJC to become reality. 

Duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director: 

  • Promotes the vision and mission of IPJC and works collaboratively with partners and seeks new partners to address the barriers which block the vision from becoming reality 
  • Speaks on behalf of IPJC within the context of the Center’s goals and policies.  Issues public statements and press releases and directs press to Board of Directors members as needed.    
  • Coordinates all administrative aspects of IPJC assuring that the goals of the Center are met in an efficient and professional manner. 
  • Coordinates research on current justice issues; oversees development of resources and publications; networks with local and national peace and justice organizations. 
  • Seeks from the sponsor and affiliate communities Justice and Integrity of Creation priorities on an annual basis. 
  • Initiates new programs in consultation with the Board of Directors and Sponsor and affiliate priorities.
  • Communicate among the sponsor and affiliate religious communities.
  • Responsible for revenue development including fundraising, grants and donor development. 
  • Responsible for projecting, managing and monitoring the organizational budget. 
  • Hires, supervises and conducts annual performance reviews for all staff. 
  • Works collaboratively with the staff to accomplish the tasks and programs of IPJC. 
  • Reports to IPJC Board of Directors.


  1. Bachelor’s degree required 
  2. Commitment to the IPJC’s mission, with respect and understanding for our work.
  3. A minimum of three years’ experience in administrative management including fiscal planning and management, human resource management and data management.
  4. Effective interpersonal skills and presence, including oral and written language skills.
  5. Current knowledge and/or experience with social justice issues (integrity of creation, immigration, human trafficking, racism), systemic change and solidarity with people who are economically poor. 
  6. Highly effective and collaborative leadership style, experience in leading, supervising and mentoring of professionals. 
  7. Successful experience working with Board of Directors.
  8. Fund and financial resource development experience.
  9. Knowledge and use of emerging technology. 
  10. Demonstrated ability to provide education on social justice issues in presentations and multi-media formats. 
  11. Flexible work schedule with ability to travel, attend meetings at various times through the day and week, including weekends and nights.
  12. Knowledge of the Catholic faith tradition and familiar with religious communities of women and men; and a willingness to promote Catholic faith tradition and Catholic social teaching.



  1. Master’s or advanced training in related field preferred.
  2. Experience in legislative advocacy, including issue campaign organizing at the local, state and national levels.  
  3. Knowledge of social justice organizations locally, nationally and internationally. 
  4. Experience in strategic planning and plan implementation, program development and performance improvement process.

To learn more about Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center visit www.ipjc.org

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package including medical/dental, retirement benefits and paid time off. 

Submit a resume and letter of interest briefly addressing the following: 

Your commitment and vision for implementing the mission of IPJC. Share an experience of success in responding to an issue of injustice. Identify your experience in fund raising.  Share how collaboration is expressed in your management style. Submit letter of interest and resume to: edjob@ipjc.org