Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center

We Endorse Initiative 1631

The Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC) is pleased to endorse Initiative 1631, the carbon fee initiative on the Washington State ballot this fall. Care for Earth is a moral imperative for all, especially for people of faith who recognize the created world as a revelation of the Creator. Along with our sponsoring congregations, IPJC has long been an advocate of environmental stewardship and sustainability. As Pope Francis reminds us in Laudato Si’, his landmark encyclical on the environment, the climate is a common good, one which we all have an obligation to protect for ourselves and for future generations. At the same time, we are also called to care for those experiencing poverty, who are often the most impacted by climate change and environmental degradation. We believe that Initiative 1631 is a step in the right direction toward a more sustainable future for Earth, our common home.

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