Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center

Human Trafficking Webinar

The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center offers an interdisciplinary, interactive, multi-school workshop on Modern Day Slavery. We facilitate programs tailored for Catholic 7th-8th Grade and for High School students, with age-appropriate materials and discussions.

Using age-appropriate material that:

  • Introduces students to the reality of global and local slavery
  • Provides live interaction with students in other schools around the country
  • Includes Catholic Social Teaching, polls and prayer
  • Helps students understand their impact in the world
  • Draws connections between their electronics and child slavery in mines
  • Engages students in social responsibility and practices their business letter writing skills by inviting them to write to CEOs

All you need:

  • One 45 or 60 minute class period
  • Computer & Internet Connection
  • Projector or Smart Board
  • Speakers & Microphone
  • Students who want to make a better world!

Contact IPJC to schedule your workshop today! 206-223-1138 or