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A Matter of Spirit, known by its acronym, AMOS, is the quarterly justice journal of IPJC with analysis, theological reflection and actions. Our Governing Council selects four topics for the year, which are then turned over to our Editorial Board to determine articles and writers. 

Feel free to use the information contained in the current or previous issues of AMOS. If you find the information valuable enough to share with others, we ask that you note that the material was found in AMOS, published by the Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center. Also, please let us know how you are making use of AMOS!

Back issues are available for most issues of AMOS. Call 206.223.1138 or e-mail

Topic Listing

Accountability Summer 2005 pdf
Alternative Energy Spring 2005 pdf
Climate Change (AMOS Summer 2014 footnotespdf) Summer 2014 pdf Podcast
The Commons Winter 2013 pdf Podcast
Creating a Just Peace Winter 2017 pdf iconpodcast
Creating a New Story Summer 2016 pdf icon podcast
Culture & Diversity Summer 2011 pdfFall 2009 AMOS
Culture of Fear Summer 2006 pdf
Dialouge & Public Discourse Fall 2010 pdf Fall 2009 AMOS
Disarmament (click here for Nuclear Weapons Primer and Continuum of Action) Summer 2013 pdf Fall 2009 AMOS
Economies of War Winter 2007 pdf
Economic Crisis Summer 2009 PDF
Education (AMOS Fall 2013 footnotespdf) Fall 2013 PDF podcast
Effective Social Changers Winter 2006 pdf
Emerging Economies Spring 2013 pdf icon Fall 2009 AMOS
Engaging Impasse Spring 2006 pdf
Environmental Justice Spring 2010 pdf Fall 2009 Podcast
Faithful Citizenship Fall 2004 pdf
Faithful Citizenship—Election Year 2008 (link to Policy & Politics Chart) Spring 2008 pdf
Faithful Citizenship—Election Year 2012 Spring 2012 pdfFall 2009 Podcast
Food Sustainability

Fall 2012 pdf podcast
Winter 2008pdf

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Fall 2014 pdfPodcast
Winter 2012 pdfFall 2009 Podcast
Fall 2006 pdf

Healthcare Winter 2005 pdf
Healthcare Summer 2008 pdf
Human Rights: Children Spring 2007 pdf
Human Trafficking Summer 2010 pdf icon Fall 2009 AMOS
Human Trafficking Fall 2003 pdf
Millennium Development Goals Fall 2005 pdf
Mystical & Prophetic Summer 2012 PDF Podcast
Peacemaking and Nonviolence

Winter 2015 pdf podcast
Fall 2009 pdf Fall 2009 Podcast

Poverty & Economic Justice Winter 2010 PDF Fall 2009 Podcast
Reconciliation—Personal & Global Summer 2004
Reconciliation Fall 2011 pdf icon podcast
Racism (AMOS Spring 2015 footnotespdf) Spring 2015 pdf podcast
Refugees Winter 2009 pdf
Science & Faith (download "Contemplation 101" from article on page 12) Winter 2014 pdf icon podcast
Seeking Common Ground—Religious & Political Summer 2007 pdf
Seeking Peace in the Middle East Fall 2007 pdf
Spirituality and Money Fall 2008 pdf
Sustainable Earth for Future Generations Spring 2017 pdf iconpodcast
Taxation & Economic Justice Winter 2004
Technology (AMOS Spring 2014 footnotespdf) Spring 2014 pdf Podcast
Water Spring 2004 pdf
Water Spring 2009 pdf Podcast Button
We are the People We've been Waiting for

Summer 2017 pdf icon podcast


Spring 2011 pdf icon Podcast Button

Women in the Church

Summer 2015 pdf icon podcast

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