Justice Education, Research & Advocacy Staff Needed

with knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching, political systems, web-based technology and commitment to social justice; who can manage all facets of a project, has excellent skills in researching, writing, editing, organizing and presenting.



  • Expressed and demonstrated commitment to values and issues which constitute the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center’s mission.
  • Strong research, writing and editing experience
  • Experience in developing adult education curricula
  • Advocacy, political and systemic change knowledge and experience
  • Community or schools-based education and presentation experience
  • Knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching and principles of Social Justice
  • Familiarity with Catholic Church and Religious Institutions
  • Collaborative team work
  • Ability to interface with the public in representing IPJC
  • Proven ability to work as a team member, a self-starter, flexible and adaptable
  • Minimum BA in Theology, Political Science Writing for social justice, Adult Education or other field related to position plus 3-5 years relevant experience


Duties and Responsibilities

Under the guidance of the Executive Director, coordinate projects, including

  • Editor: serve as editor of A Matter of Spirit (16-page justice journal). Chair editorial board meetings. Develop article outlines, contact writers, coordinate/prepare in office contributions, and edit articles. Collaborate with staff in publishing.
  • Justice Cafés: Coordinate young adult cafes. Research and develop monthly host kits. Communicate with café hosts and develop new sites.
  • Human Trafficking: Make presentations and collaborate with community partners on human trafficking.
  • Education on Social Justice Issues: Research, develop, and provide adult education through publications and presentations.
  • Advocacy: Coordinate, research and prepare legislative action alerts.
  • Event Coordination: Work in collaboration with staff to prepare, organize and support events.


Salary and Benefits

  • Salaried position with generous health care and vacation benefits.

Email your application to ipjc@ipjc.org.  If you have any questions, please call (206) 223-1138.