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We publish periodic, seasonal and free-standing publications for individuals and small groups. Our goal is to provide materials which help to deepen and enliven the links between the Catholic tradition and the situation of our world.

Contact IPJC to obtain these and other materials, 206.223.1138 or


A Matter of Spirit (AMOS). Our free quarterly justice journal. Known by its acronym, AMOS, is the quarterly justice journal of IPJC with analysis, theological reflection and actions. Read more ...


Climate Change: Our Call to Conversion. IPJC's new four session process for faith communities. Topics include: Our Earth Community, The Science of Climate Change: Call to Change Course, Ecological Conversion and Eco-Imagining Our Emerging Future.

Process includes prayer, education, Catholic Social Teaching, analysis, discussion, signs of hope and action.


Cover Contemplative Dialogue Circles

IPJC's new six-session process for faith communities!

  1. Contemplation & Dialogue for Transformative Living
  2. Contemplation
  3. The Practice of Contemplative Listening
  4. Reflective Dialogue: Part 1
  5. Reflective Dialogue: Part 2
  6. Transformation

It is neither a culture of confrontation nor a culture of conflict which builds harmony within and between peoples, but rather a culture of encounter and a culture of dialogue; this is the only way to peace. —Pope Francis



A Primer on Sustainability

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems." -Mohandas K. Gandhi

IPJC's new Sustainability booklet introduces the basics and history of Sustainability Principles as well as guidelines to making a difference in Fostering Sustainable Behavior.

Download the IPJC Primer on Sustainability pdf icon to learn more about Sustainability, our energy choices, laws and legislation surrounding Sustainability both here and abroad, as well as many handy tools to becoming a change agent for sustainability.



Fossil Fuels Transportation in the Northwest

The United States has the world’s largest proven deposit of coal reserves and shale formations. Improvement in drilling and fracking technology, less expensive electricity generated from gas and cleaner burning of shale gas have significantly decreased the US consumption of coal. However, the increasing demand for coal in China has made northwest ports an attractive gateway for US coal export to Asia.

Be sure to download the IPJC Fossil Fuels Transportation in the NW pdf icon, providing opportunities for education, analysis, reflection and action on the issue of coal trains, refining and their environmental impact.



Israel and Palestine: History, Politics and the Pursuit of Peacepdf

An 8-page primer on the current Israel/Palestinian conflict. It explores past and current events of the region as it struggles toward a path for peace.

Includes maps of the region, glossary of terms, resources for further reading and reflection questions.

Download PDF pdf (3.5mb)


US Immigration: Trends, Events and Migration Factors pdf

A comprehensive timeline of push and pull factors that have affected US Immigration socially and politically. The timeline includes world events as well as US events that led to the immigration of ethnic groups from all over the world. Originally appeared in A Matter of Spirit Fall 2014: Immigration

The timeline is 11in x 17in printed


Just Economics

Just Economics. A five session process for faith communities. Topics include: Biblical Economics, The Commons, The New Economy Movement, Taxes, Poverty and Wealth Gap, and Simplicity and Sustainability.

Process includes prayer, education, Catholic Social Teaching, analysis, discussion, signs of hope and action.


Care for All of Creation Booklet

Care for All of Creation. A six session process for faith communities. Topics include: Universe Story, Toxics, Global Warming, Social, Economic, Environmental Interdependence, Water, and Greening Parish.

Each session includes prayer, education, catholic social teaching, analysis, discussion, signs of hope and action.

Read more ...


Stations of the Cross with All of Creation. These Stations provide an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ journey and the suffering of people and Earth today. Each Station includes:

  • Scripture
  • Meditation on the Cross in Creation
  • A Reflection Question

Cost: $1.50/copy (Bulk Discounts Available)

Order at 206.223.1138; or print our order formpdf icon

Click on the following links to view a sample from the booklet in English pdf icon, Spanish pdf icon, or French pdf icon

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Update and Call to Action pdf

Between May & September 2013, five bills on immigration passed out of the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives. These bills are part of the “piecemeal” approach to address the broken immigration system through numerous smaller bills instead of one comprehensive law.

This primer explores the issue, summarizes each bill and compares it to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops position on immigration reform.



Hydraulic Fracturing

Fracking has been added to our resources. Check out this new addition as well as numerous peace and justice resources located at the IPJC Resources & Links page.

Be sure to download the IPJC Hydraulic Fracturing Primerpdf icon, providing opportunities for education, analysis, reflection and action on the issue of hydraulic fracturing.


Lenten Booklet

Lent: Call, Courage, Connection pdf icon

A lenten resource which includes weekly readings, reflections, stories and action based on Catholic Social Teaching. Great booklet for individuals and groups!


Grace on the Margins: The Musical

Did you miss the Women's Convocation V, or would you like to see Grace on the Margins again? Well, now you can with the "new" professionally re-edited DVD!

"Searching for meaning as a woman in the church and confronted with the challenges of a people and planet in peril, Grace's cries for help are answered by Hildegard of Bingen, Joan of Arc, Sojourner Truth and Our Lady of Guadalupe, who lead her on a journey of the heart to experience Grace on the Margins!"

DVDs are $15.00 each

Grace on the Margins script and score are available.

Check out the Grace on the Margins: The Musical page for more details!

Grace on the Margins - Music and Notecards from the Women's Convocation V!

  • Music CD (14 songs)
  • Notecards (10 per pack) and envelopes with convocation logo on front.
  • Canvas bag for groceries and more!

Also available, music CD and notecards from Dawning of a New Story, Convocation IV
and Uprising of Hope, Convocation III

Annual report

IPJC Annual Reports. In our annual report to you, our community of support, we share the work that has been done, the peace and healing we are journeying toward and the stories of transformation that are at the heart of our mission.

Download a PDF copy of our Annual Report

NWCRI logo
NWCRI Annual Report. The Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment is a regional collaborative organization of faith-based institutions committed to using their power as investors to shape a more just world. Read more ...

Justice Circles logo
Women's Justice Circle Newsletter. Women's Justice Circles is a Northwest Collaboration for Empowerment of the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center and 15 ministries for women in the Pacific Northwest. Read more ...

Stand Up Sisters logo
Stand Up Sisters. The second ritual book and CD in the series. More rituals for large and small groups, "how to" information for creating your own rituals and many useful resources. Read more ...

We Are Sisters
We Are Sisters. The first ritual book and CD that came as a result of the Weavers program. (originally the music was available on tape, now only available on CD).

Columbia River Pastoral Letter logo

Columbia River Pastoral Letter Reflection Guide. The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center wrote the Reflection Guide for the bishops' pastoral letter, The Columbia River Watershed: Caring for Creation and the Common Good.

Download the Reflection Guide

Podcast Library
Podcast Library. IPJC's Podcast Library includes MP3 audio recordings of workshops, presentations, speakers and publications. Visit the Podcast Library ...

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