Youth Action Team Internship

Youth Action Team Internship

Are you passionate about social justice? Do you like working on a team?
Are you trying to find ways to grow in your leadership?

The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center’s Youth Action Team Internship is an opportunity for all High School Juniors and Seniors.

Youth Action Team Internship

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Deadline – Monday October 4, 2021

During the first quarter of the internship the group will go through a formational process focused on community organizing skills and current social justice issues, approached from the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. After completing training, the group will develop an initiative to address a social justice issue in the community. This work will be lead and created by the Youth Action Team while being supported and guided by the IPJC staff.

Program Commitment

STARTING DATE: Mid October 2021

END DATE: May 2022

WHO: High School Juniors and Seniors

HOURS COMMITMENT: 3 hours per week (in-person schedule to be determined once group is established, we will work closely with the team to find the best time). In person 1-2 times per month, IPJC will subsidize transportation if needed

COMMUNITY SERVICE CREDIT: 100 community service hours OR small stipend & 50 community service hours

Application Steps:

  • Step #1: October 4th – Submit Application form
  • Step #2: Short Interview – IPJC will reach out to set up
  • Step #3: IPJC Decision
  • Step #4: Candidate accepts or declines invitation
  • Step #5: Team Training (Date TBD)

Five Internships Available

The descriptions below are meant to help clarify roles and organize the team, but are not rigid or hierarchical. If you don’t have a particular preference, identify the role that most excites or animates you!

Policy & Research Intern

Focuses on researching issues and policy solutions that relate to the project. Will be responsible for briefing the team on any research and outlining connections between identified problems and pathways towards challenging structures that uphold the identified injustice.

Communications Intern

Crafts the messaging and strategy for promoting the work of the team, and inviting the community to participate and support the efforts. Creatively finds ways to tell the story of the movement, especially of those directly impacted. Manages social media accounts and directs content creation for the team. Will work in close collaboration with the digital design intern.

Community Organizing Intern

Responsible for community outreach and developing community partnerships in order to assure alignment with broader movements. Will facilitate meetings and help the team connect with key community partners and individuals.

Justice Education Intern

Focuses on the connections between faith and justice and helping educate the community about those connections. Interested in developing ways to spiritually ground the work and articulate connections between Catholic Social Teaching and other interfaith teachings.

Digital Design Intern

Help to visually share the work of the team creating promotional graphics, visual representations of the work, working in close collaboration with the communications intern. Find creative ways to share information and tell stories.


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